We offer a range of services, which we believe are of most value to the majority of our patients. If there are services that you would like to see introduced or have any suggestions as to how you think we might improve upon existing services please let us know here.

Providing the highest quality care that can be delivered within the limited available resources means we need your support and understanding too.

You can help by managing minor illnesses yourself (see Pharmacy First), by making sure you follow treatment instructions, and calling to cancel any appointments you don’t need/cannot attend in advance.

The different contracts are run by NHS England (South East Regional Team), the IW Clinical Commissioning Group and the IW County Council. Priorities are set to meet national and local needs.  Co-ordination with GP Practices is organised into localities: The Bay Medical Practice is in the South Locality.

Health screening is available by appointment with a member of the Nursing Team in our screening clinics. The Practice nursing team will check your blood pressure, cholesterol and urine and give diet, exercise and smoking advice.

The surgery holds a supply of hearing aid batteries (for NHS hearing aids only) – please remember to bring your brown book so that we can record the date and number of batteries given.

We are not able to arrange hearing aid repairs.

Research evidence suggests Home Blood Pressure Monitoring is helpful in reducing BP and preventing stroke and heart attacks.  If you are over 65 or have diabetes, had a heart attack, mini stroke or stroke you will benefit from home BP checking every 6 months. You should:

  1. Buy a validated BP machine – click on the link for a list of validated machines that can be purchased as per the British and Irish Hypertension Society website: https://bihsoc.org/bp-monitors/for-home-use/
  2. Learn how to check your BP at home  – click on the link to view a video demonstration and further information: https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/support/manage-your-blood-pressure-at-home
  3. Please download a Home BP monitoring sheet click here to download the relevant form which must be completed and returned to the surgery.

These are done by appointment with the Practice Nurse

We offer various Nurse-led clinics for long term conditions such as Diabetes, Anti-Coagulation, Asthma & COPD.  All clinics are appointment based.

The Doctor can carry out certain minor operations and this will often avoid the need for a hospital attendance. Please make a telephone appointment to discuss this with your Doctor in the first instance.

When registering with the Practice all patients are offered a routine health check. This is a valuable opportunity to discuss health needs and for your past medical history to be reviewed. We are required to record ethnic origin.

The Doctors are able to complete private medical insurance claim forms and private certificates and to carry out medical examinations for insurance, driving, employment and sport, at their discretion. These do not form part of their NHS work and therefore a fee is payable.

High street pharmacists are medicines experts and they can also give advice on common health problems which may save you a trip to your GP practice. The Pharmacy First scheme offers expert advice on:

·         Medicines

·         Bugs and viruses (Nasty coughs and colds and flu)

·         Aches and pains

·         Skin conditions and allergies

You don’t need an appointment to see a pharmacist, you can speak in private and many prescriptions are free when using this service.

If you need to see a GP they will refer you back to The Bay.

Both sites hold regular Phlebotomy clinics (blood taking). Please phone either branch to book an appointment.

Walk-in clinics are no longer available at St Mary’s Hospital.

We offer advice on medication, vaccination and general health care to enable you to plan your holiday safely.  A holiday vaccination form is available from reception or click here to download. Where possible it is advisable to complete this two months prior to your departure date. This will give the nurse enough time to check your current immunisation status and the requirements for your destination and return the form to you so appointments can be made if needed. Some vaccinations need to be given at least four weeks in advance to ensure cover. The NHS does not cover the cost of all medication needed for overseas travel and there may be a charge.

Alternatively, these services are readily available at certain Pharmacies and Private Clinics – contact your local pharmacy for more information.

Before you travel, it’s important to find out whether you will need vaccinations for the country you’re visiting. The following websites will help you.
• Travel Health
• Fit for Travel
• Masta 
• Gov.uk for specific country travel advice

EHIC to apply for your free European Health Insurance Card

These are run by specially trained and qualified Nurses and a full range of services is available for contraception advice, cervical smears and other routine health checks. We feel it is important for all women between the ages of 25 and 64 to have regular cervical smears. Those who require urgent advice about emergency contraception should contact either the Practice Nurse or the Doctor. Separate Clinics are run for HRT and continence advice.

Please click on the link below to view a video about the cervical screening process:


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