I joined Shanklin Medical Centre in 2007 having previously worked in one of the largest event management, best practice and communications companies in Europe. Having lead finance, human resources and the day to day functionality of the UK office I was also appointed to the UK divisions Board Leadership Team and as Lead Negotiator.

After a full ten years at MCI, the desire to progress and utilise my management and business experience in a new environment led me to re-evaluate my long term goals and aspirations.

Practice Management, with its daily variety and challenges, combined with having the opportunity to shape, deliver and see first hand the impact of those changes on the end patient ticked every box. I then sought a Practice that was progressive and passionate about patient care and was open to embracing the future changes and challenges of an ever evolving sector.

The following years have seen many changes at Shanklin Medical Centre and I am delighted to be part of such a dynamic and forward thinking team that meets the constant challenges within Primary Care. I am also a founding board member of One Wight Health Limited, the Isle of Wight GP federation.

With a daily commute from the mainland via motorbike, hovercraft and then car certainly adds an unusual twist to the start and end of each day, of which no two are the same.